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Everyone now knows that Obama and Romer together could not open or manage even a 5 & 10 cent Store without the help from a dozen federally funded business advisors, a pile of government tax money, a teleprompter and then going bankrupt in 6 months.

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Editorial - Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010

These policies were put into effect by the tax and spend, socialist, liberal incompetents such as the dopey, Democrat Economic Advisor to Obama, Christina Romer and the Chief Architect of this country's worst economic disaster since the Great Depression and Jimmy Carter - Barach H. Obammunist.

Did Obama personally cause the collapse of our economy - NO. But what he did was throw gasoline onto a raging fire with his trillion's of dollars spending spree that is still going on in Washington today - and that is what he and the Democrats are responsible for - out of control spending!! Together Obama's and Romer's economic solutions have produce nothing - neither have the experience or knowledge on how to turn around the current economic downturn.

Romer was hired by Obama to be his main cheerleader. Being a loyal soldier, she traveled the country as one of the most prominent, outspoken voices promoting Obama's stimulus spending policies.

At this point in time I gather she did not really have a clue as to what was going on with Obama and his economy solving gang of goofballs headed up by little Timmmy Geithner. She assumed Obama and his incompetent Government experts knew what they were doing with the economy.

But you put her lack of knowing anything about real world economic policy and Obama's incompetent dope squad and you get what is going on now in Washington - a dismal failure in resucitating a dying economy.

Economics professor Romer probably said to Obama - "hey B.O., look, thanks for the job but I don't have any real good ideas or solutions since I have never worked as a real economist at any company but my statistics say lets spend a lot of the taxpayer's money, that might work - why not give that a try? If that does not work I will just go back to my cushy job at U. C. Berekely where I don't have to justify my incompetence to anyone or answer to any of my conservative critics".

When the Romer policies turned out, as expected, to be empty solutions that blew up in her and Obama's face, then the fugitive Romer, who was responsible for this disaster, decided it was time to get out of town and run back to California. She threw up her hands and said: "I don't know why it didn't workout as I hoped but I'm out of here, I'm not taking any crticism for this disaster. You, Mr. Smart Guy, can fix it."

Romer in the face of rising unemployment and a bankrupt U. S. economy quit before she could be apprehended for her political criminal acts against the American public. Romer learned that a real world work environment in Washington was not as easy as teaching a class of naïve, uninformed students at one of her U. C. Berkeley economics classes or schmoozing her fellow economic academics with her theories and statistics.

Romer knowing she was completely over her head quit her appointed job as Obammunist's chief economic advisor and ran back to her safe, hide out at the liberal enclave for academic fools, U. C. Berkeley. The most liberal academic swamp of all liberal academic swamps. She quit before her well fabricated reputation as a economics professor was exposed as a complete fraud.

You will not find this little, unpublicized item in Romer's resume but Havard knowing a academic fraud when they see one rejected her attempt to gain academic tenure there as she tried to weasel her way into their economics department. You have to study the academic ladder climbing industry from the inside to understand how Romer and her "kind" of academic liberals are able to weasel their way into tenured professorships at major Universities without any real world, work experience.

Obama and Romer are just another example of the liberal, know nothing, do nothing fleas that infest our Government and educational systems. Romer, like Obama, has no real, work credentials to teach or advise anyone on anything other than what she has read, copied or stolen from other liberal authors of socialist/Marxist economics. She has no record of achieving any success in the business world, no book explaining her economic policy successes or even how she became a economics professor at Berkeley.

( A description of a Liberal academia FLEA: a small wingless, liberal Democrat with legs designed for jumping from one soft government/university job to another and live as a parasite, sucking down the blood money of the American taxpayer ).

Romer's recent job performance in Washington as a economics advisor to Obama has turned out to be a mega-disaster, a colossal and monumental economic failure by a liberal who is grossly incompetent and whose advisory credentials are highly exaggerated as are most liberal academics.

So what does liberals like Obama do with a other liberal, incompetent dope's like Romer.

Do they get fired and sent packing, NO! Do they a get a waitress job at Dennys, NO! They are allowed to keep their high paying job as a professor of economics at one of our major universities to teach and practice the same worthless, economic lessons of failure to uninformed students attending these universities. Teaching and producing more academic 'Obama' duplicates who have never held or worked at a real job outside of the world of socialistic, academia or government jobs.

There is no question or doubt that these two political criminals should be charged accordingly for incompetence and recklessly looting of our country's treasury. A debt so great that it may take generations to repay. The country may never recover fully within the next 10 years if these political criminals continue down this reckless path with their liberal, economic, wrecking policies.

If anyone looted the bank account of a company or business like Romer and Obama have with taxpayer's money, they would, deservedly, be serving jail time as in the case of Bernie Madoff!

Before departing, Romer - the great economist nobody ever heard of - was quoted as saying the following: "despite her own dissatisfaction with the high level of unemployment ( the result of her incompetent advice and Obama's total ignorance ) she leaves feeling good about the "sweeping ( wasteful spending ) policies and interventions ( interference ) of the Obama government". A clear example of liberal/Marxist dream world philosophy - pure liberal BS.

Romer also said. . . "While I look forward to returning to research and teaching ( more of the same liberal academia lies that has produced depression level unemployment ), the opportunity to help shape the current economic policy ( a total disaster ) these past 20 months, and to work with the other members of the economic team ( more liberal incompetents ) and my colleagues on the CEA, is one I will always cherish."

Let's briefly review Romer's dream world distortion of her and her colleagues' job performance. This is nothing more than the ramblings of a simpleton who lives in a dream world of academia. Why would it take 20 months for a Berkeley economic professor to come up with the current economic policies of wasteful spending of tax money that has produced nothing but massive unemployment and home foreclosures. Is she proud of this disaster that she and Obama have caused?

I also wonder how the 15 million Americans who are out of work and those who have lost their homes feel about Romer's economic wrecking policies. Do you think these Americans will cherish their memories of losing their jobs and homes. What Romer really meant to say was that the Obama economic recovery policies has turned out to be "one of the costliest government mistakes" ever tried by any American President in a ill fated attempt to reverse the current economic, Democrat caused, roller coaster, boondoggle.

Obama, who like Romer, is clueless about real world economics happily went along with his advisory team of liberal, academic, tax spending fraud artists in their hapless attempt to stimulate the economy and spur private job creation.

This "tax spending tactic" promoted by Democrats has failed every time it has ever been tried. It is an old favorite of progressive/liberal Democrats simply because they have no other solutions, have no training or knowledge regarding economics and lastly they don't fear jail time for their public misdeeds and incompetence. There is no political fraud watchdog in Washington, no legal oversight committee or court to dish out civil punishment for their disastrous, liberal policies.

Note that the Jet Blue flight attendant was quickly apprehended and arrested for his "misdeeds against the public" while Obammunist and Romer are allowed to continue their economic wrecking policies as unemployment continues to rise and more homes go into foreclosure.

As unbelievable and crazy as it may sound considering the current economic disaster promoted by Romer and Obama, she, I have learned, is now being considered for the job of President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. WHAT? Well why not! Washington today, under the Democrats leadership, is nothing more than a big, ridiculous, 3 ring circus with a lot of clowns like Romer and Obama.

Everyone now knows that Obama and Romer could not open or manage even a 5 & 10 cent Store without the help from a dozen federally funded business advisors, a pile of government tax money, a teleprompter and then going bankrupt in 6 months.

If Romer and Obammunist are such geniuses of economic smart, why haven't these two dopes ever held a job that tests their so called superior, economic knowledge and skills. It's just an "act" by these two dunces. They are all academia trained liars and frauds living off of taxpayer money.

They fabricate economic theories of which they know nothing about. Obama makes rabble rousing speeches laced with false promises to do this or or do that. He has said dozens of times he won't "rest" till this or that is solved - then he goes on another vacation to rest up from his tireless efforts to solve all of these economic problems that he has caused.

Who is fooled anymore by this Marxist, flim-flam fraud. No one in the world of business economics would hire these two academic dopes. Political justice is not only blind in this instance but nonexistent in this mud puddle world of idiotic, liberal politics and liberal hanger-ons.